The life stories of those who crewed the first tanks in September 1916

C Coy crewmen H to M

32490 Gnr Frank Halford was born Nov 94 in Idle near Bradford; the youngest son (six children) of Charles and Elizabeth Halford. Enlisted MMGS aged 21 yrs 15 days. height 5 ft 3 in and 34 inch chest, Attested 6 Dec 15 then placed on reserve; approved at Bisley 6 May 16. His Coy Conduct Sheet (initally signed by Capt H H Hiscocks) is blank. Posted to C Coy 27 May and deployed to France 24 Aug. Admitted to Hosp for dental reasons on 6 Sep and returned on 20 Sep - therefore did not take part in the first action, Joined C Bn on its formation 18 Nov 16; probably served with No 8 Coy,  He attended a driving course at Wailly Camp from 11 to 19 Jun 17. Granted UK leave, after the Battle of Cambrai, from 15 to 29 Dec 17 and then again after the Armistice from 15 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19. Demobilised on leave and transferred, as a lance corporal, to the Z Reserve on 10 Feb 19.  Possibly y married in 1925 to Emily Bickerdike,  

2309 Gnr Walter Robert Hamilton - born Aug ’98 (? 2 Oct?), the fifth child and youngest son of a chimney sweep Harry Hamilton, a chimney sweep, and his wife Minnie. Birth registered at Guildford.  In 1901, living to the rear of Pondhu house in Knaphill near Woking. On 23 Aug 15, now living at Primrose Cottage, Knaphill, and working as a carman, Was attested at Bisley; height 5 ft 8 in with a 36 in chest. Initially joined MMGS on 25 Aug, transferred to MGC 1 Dec 15 then to Armd Car Sect MGC on 1 Apr 16.  Posted to C Coy on 25 May and deployed overseas on 16 Aug. He was posted to C Bn on its formation (18 Nov 16) and was attached to the Reinforcement Depot from 20 Mar to 17 May when he rejoined C Bn.  From 1 to 19 Jun, he attended the 3rd Tk Bde Recon course.  On 12 Sep he was again posted to the Reinforcment Depot, then sent on UK leave in Nov, prior to being posted on 25 Nov to the Gun Carrying Section.   Admitted himself to Woking War Hosp on 24 Nov where he was diagnosed with Gastritis and then Bronchitis. After treatment, which lasted until 5 Jan 18, he was sent to the Convalescent Depot at Eastbourne until 30 Jan. Sent to the Tank Depot at Wareham, before returning via Dover on 4 Feb to France, through the Reinforcement Depot before re-joining C Bn in the field on 10 Apr. He was again admitted to Hosp at Etaples, this time with mild psychosis. On 14 Jun he was admitted to 25 Gen Hosp with impetigo. He then returned to the Reinforcement Depot on 3 Aug again rejoining 3 Bn on 10 Aug 18.  He returned to the UK on 20 Feb 19 and was transferred to the Z Reserve on 23 Feb with a home address as Anchor Hill View at Knaphill.  In Jul 19,  Possibly married in Late ‘22 to Miss Dorothy V Rutland at Godstone.  Possibly died at Worthing 1974

40179 Gnr William Ernest (Bill) Harkness born Leeming Bar Yorkshire 27 Apr ‘88, the eldest son of Robert and Sarah Harkness, Robert was a partner in the horticultural firm of Harkness and Sons of Bedale in Yorks.  Bill was educated at Hipperholme School near Halifax where he developed his cricketing skills.  He returned to Hitchen and in 1908 staged his first major exhibition.  He married first wife, Edith Cooper, the daughter of a Hitchen innkeeper on 2 Apr 1913 and their daughter Mary just over one year later.   Joined up in May 16, although according to Peter Harkness "The family story has it that Bill enlisted in 15 and found himself in France as a Private in the Cavalry before joining 'C' Coy - one of the four original companies of the Tank Corps - on the principle, he said, that it was better to ride than walk. One day he was standing on a board and smoking a cigarette while washing a tank down with petrol; the resulting whoosh of flame nearly cost him more than a stripe.He deployed to France on 24 Aug 16.  Bill transferred from the MGC to the Labour Corps between Jun to Sep 17  allocated number 463352.  "Subsequent bouts of pleurisy and pneumonia led to his being invalided to Devon, where he helped man a Government Depot of Agricultural Horses to enable the local farmers to plough up their permanent pastures and go arable." On Jun 18, the lease of Oakfield Farm Nursery expired and, although he was still serving, Bill bought the goodwill and mailing list.  He was back in business before he was demobilised and, within four yrs he was sufficiently successful as a rose grower to move to new grounds at Walsworth. Sadly in 21, his first wife died; three years later, he remarried Peggy Day and had a daughter Jane in ‘29.  In 1932, Bill won the National Rose Championship; the first time the Coy had won the award for 25 yrs. His cousin Peter Harkness who now runs the firm says. "Bill was modest to the point of being self-effacing, but a very determined and methodical perfectionist in achieving his chosen goals - hence his haul of 22 National Rose Championships out of 26 entries during his yrs in charge of the nursery."  After the death of his second wide from pneumonia, married his third wide Ena in 1939.  During the war, Bill's nurseries were largely turned over to agriculture and he commanded the Hitchen Platoon of the Home Guard during the war. In 1946, his new rose "Ena Harkness” lead the firm's post war revival.  In 1954, having been a prominent role in rose growing associations for many yrs, he was awarded the Dean Hole Medal.  He died on 1 Dec 1959.   

32174 Gnr Henry David (or David Henry) Haywood – born c 7 Sep 1888 in Evesham; A motor cycle mechanic, he married Henrietta Bearcroft at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on 16 Nov 1912; their son Henry Edward was born on 27 Nov 1913. He was living at 6 Kings Rd Evesham at the age of 27 yrs 2 months. He enlisted 18 Nov 15 and sought service with the RE, ehhis height was 5’ 7”’ blue eyes; brown hair. He was mobilised on 16 Mar 1916 and was authorised at Bisley on 11 Apr 1916. He deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. He transferred to C Bn then was returned to the UK on 20 April 1917 (presumably as a result of injuries received during the battle of Arras.  Later Pte Tank Corps 206260. Discharged, aged 29 years and 26 days, in 3 Oct 17 under Army Order 266 W of 17. Silver war Badge number 136987.  Pension record found showing deceased.  

2666 Gnr J Heath deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Probably John Stephen Heath later Pte Tank Corps 205635. A John Stephen heath Born 6 November 1891 at Hartshill (near Stoke-upon-Trent), Staffordshire, England, and baptised 13 Dec 1891 father Stephen and mother Emily.  In 1911 living at Kingsfield Oval, Basford, Stoke on Trent and assisting his father, Stephen, who was a self-employed builder. May have married later in 1911

2283 Gnr Charles Henry Wallace Hewitt born 6 Feb 1897 in Winterbourne near Bristol; the eldest son of engine fitter John Hewitt and his wife Sarah Jane, In 1901 they were living at 4 Winterbourne Mill at Winterbourne Down Gloucs (north of Bristol). A mining engineer, living in Maeshyref near Crumlin, enlisted on 18 Aug 1915 at Coventry; Was authorised at Bisley five days later was posted to 27th Bty MMGS on 1 Dec 1915 then to the Armd car Coy on 1 Apr; he was posted to C Coy on 27 May and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 as a gunner; continued to serve with C Bn and attended driving course at Wailly on 11 – 19 Jun. Later 200539 Pte Tank Corps he was serving with 7 Coy when he was seriously injured on 20 Nov when a shell burst near him; SW to shoulder, right arms, buttocks and both thighs.  He was admitted to 21 CSS then back to a base hospital at Etaples where a shrapnel ball was removed from his neck on 1 Dec. Evacuated to UK on 5 Dec 1917 then at Hornsey Aux Mil Hosp) where matter removed from right thigh. Sent to convalescent hosp on 26 Jan. Later readmitted to Central Mil Hosp at Eastbourne on 25 Jun when an abscess was found in his right thigh, readmitted twice and then sent to Summertown Convalescent Hospital on 20 Sept and discharged on was awarded Silver War Badge on discharge on 28 Nov 1918 due to wounds (20% pension for 6 months awarded). Blank conduct sheets. Home address given as the Grove Penmaen in Monmouthsire (now Gwent).  Possibly married Vera C Carrell at Blaby near Leicester in early 1920; they had two daughters Vera C Hewitt born in Apr to Jun 1921 and Sylvia L Hewitt born in Oct to Dec 1922, both registered in Leicester.  Died aged 91 in Mar 1988 and registered in Weston Super Mare.

38027 Gnr William John Thomas Higgs was born in Barnstable, Devon.  Married Lilian Ingerson at Holy Trinity church Barnstable on 13 Jul 1908. Three children Ruby, Leonard and Gordon on 21 Mar 1914 at 10 Kensington Rd Coventry. Employed as a piano merchant he was attested 11 Dec 1915 at Coventry and transferred to the Army Reserve. He was 5’ 3½” tall and 8st 13 lbs, with a 33” chest.  Mobilised 9 May and posted immediately to HS MGC. Listed in “The Motorcycle” as joining MMGS Heavy Section on 18 May 1916. Posted to C Coy on 22 May and immediately promoted ALCpl; posted to E Coy on 27 May and reverted to Gnr at own request. On 22 Jun 16. Transferred back to C Coy and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16.  Daughter Doris Beatrice Annie born 17 Nov 1916 at Coventry.  Transferred to C Bn on its formation 18 Nov 1916. On 12 Dec wife writing from 149 Foreshill Rd Coventry sought an extra allowance on the birth of a child. Served in the QM’s Stores of C Bn and promoted to ALCpl on 20 Jan 1917.  Remained with C Bn / 3Light Bn and granted UK leave from 6 to 20 Jan 1918. Granted UK leave from 13 to 27 Jan 1919 when he was admitted seriously ill to Rochester Row military hospital in London, whilst returning to his unit. He was placed on posted strength of Tank Depot on 28 Jan 1919; transferred to Tank Stores on 22 Mar 1919. He was discharged from hospital on 14 Apr then demobilised (with blank conduct sheets) on 18 Jun 1919 and transferred to Z Reserve.   

2664 Gnr Joseph Hill MMGS Born Feb / March 1893 the son of Robert and Elizabeth Hill, in 1901 living at 35 Grosvenor Street in Leek sith his 5 year old daughter May.  A solicitor’s cashier, attested on 22 Nov 15 at Coventry. Height 5’ 7½”, chest 33½”. Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. Trained at Wailly from 11 to 19 June and later 2served with No 8 Coy of C Bn. Granted UK leave from 10 to 24 Dec 1917, rejoining unit on 27 Dec (and later forfeiting 3 days leave – Coy conduct sheet entry).  Held rank of Cpl from 28 Oct 18 and granted leave from 13 to 27 Jan 19. Discharged through Clipstone on 6 Mar 1919. Possibly living in 2 Priory Way, Headstone Lane Harrow in 1925. Medals issued 28 Jun 1921. 

38052 Gnr JH Hobbs deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Possibly HJ Hobbs from Earls Court enlisted (Motor Cycle) dated 4 May 16 Mentioned in a letter by CSM Pettit of 8 Coy as being ill and having returned to UK before battle of Arras

2619 Gnr William Hudson born Aston Birmingham c 1897 the ten son (of eleven children) of Alfred William Hudson and Sarah Dolby.  Attested at Coventry into the MMGS. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 and continued to serve with C Bn; served with 8 Coy.  KIA on 22 Aug 17, during 3rd Battle of Ypres during attack near Hill 35, possibly in C22 Curmegeon.  Now buried at New Irish Farm near Pilkem Ieper. (CWGC records 22 Aug 1917)

 2674 Gnr Willie Illingworth.  Enlisted 24 Nov 1915; "Motor Cycle" shows home town was Middlesborough and deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. Later served with C Bn MGC at Arras. Awarded MM. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During the capture of Monchy-le-Preux, although badly wounded, this gunner carried out his duties by supplying ammunition to Lewis guns, and thus enabling a continuous fire to be maintained from his tank. He showed a fine example to the rest of his crew. Later 205707 Pte Tank Corps; awarded SWB for wounds and discharged 17 Dec 1918.  

38037 Gnr FC James deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. possible link to Frederick C James 201714, This is likely to be FC James of Northampton listed in Motor Cycle dated 4 may 16. Frederick Charles James, in 1911 census, shown as 17 year cycle mechanic (ie born 1894) living at 2 Cedar Road Northampton.

38028 Gnr Gordon Jennings was born Nov / Dec 1889 in Baildon near Shipley; Arrived at Liverpool from Boston Mass on SS Arabic on 14 Dec 1914 having been exployed as wool sorter and living in Baildon.  A wool sorter he was attested aged 25 on 3 Dec 1915. Height 5’ 6”.  Joined for service 27 Apr 16 and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later 200625 Posted to Reinforcement Depot (France)  13 Nov 17 then to  Tank Command Depot on 17 Nov. Later posted to Comd Depot at Catterick on 2 Feb 18 then to Reserve unit depot Jul 18. In Feb 19 compulsory retained and posted to 25 Tank Bn as a/Cpl. Recorded as single on leaving the unit. Demobilised 23 May 1919 with address of Baildon Green Shipley.

38046 Gnr PG Jones deployed to France on 16 Aug 16/.

40428 Gnr Charles R Johnson enlisted 15 May 1916; discharged and SWB (illness) awarded 14 Jun 1917; later recorded as Tank Corps

32038 Gnr WN Johnson deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Possibly Pte 205730 Walter N Johnson Tank Corps

32284 Gnr Cecil Kaye from Sheffield.  19 Feb 1897.  Joined MMGS in mid-April 1916 (Motor Cycle dated 26 Apr 16), Sheffield shown as his home townA close friend of William Dawson, he deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, having travelled with William Dawson as far as Sleaford for pre- deployment leave.  Injured during the actions near Morval - 25 Sep. Later 313364 RE probably a Tank Signalman.   The son of Fruit merchant Enos and Lucy Kaye and living at 57 Glencoe Park Rd  in Sheffield in 1911 and 1916. (father died on 25 Nov 64 – living at “Southward," School Lane, Baslow, Derbyshire,Fruit Merchant (Retd). Cecil married Irene “Rene” Edith Foster (born 24 Nov 1895 – died 2 Jul 70 in Sheffield) on 14 Jun 1922 (see report below).  In 1925 living at 156 Dobbin Hill. Later became a fruit merchant living at 17 Haugh Lane in Sheffield from 1941. Left Liverpool on 27 May with Irene and returned from Montreal on  Jul 1955, accompanied by Margaret a teacher from Edinburgh b 21 sep 1931.  In 1946,  his father’s company was shown as 1 Castlefields Mkts – the company still existed 2012.  Irene died at 17 Haugh Lane on 2 July 1970. Cecil died in Sheffield aged 80 in Spring 1977deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 and injured during the follow-on actions on 25 Sep 16.     

40180 Gnr Thomas Keightley born in Doncaster 1884; his father James was a Primitive Methodist minister who died, his mother remarried and his stepfather was Atkinson Hollingsworth.Manager of Duckering’s Hardware in Lincoln -Married Florrie Horton at Porton Place Memorial Church in Lincoln on 19 Jul 11; they had two daughters Gladys Eva Keightley born 10 Jan 1913 to 2002 and Dorothy Gertrude Keightley in 1916 to 1979. Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 later Cpl Tank Corps (MIC shows same service number).  Later lived at Mowcop, Ancaster Ave in Lincoln.  Died, aged 59, in Lincoln on 5 Dec 1944   His grave was marked with flowers by the Friends of the Lincoln Tanks on 15 Sep 2016. 

32077 Gnr Howard F King deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later Cpl MGC and Cpl RE

38054 Pte Bertie A Kirk MGC Born 1882 in Clerkenwell.  Second on of a French polisher Augustus Curzon Kirk and  Ada Laura Bennett, He followed his fther into the business. Married Emma Barber on 25 December 1903 at St Paul’s Islington – no children ,   In 1911 was a French polisher living in West Brompton. Mother died 1913, In 1913 living at  Black Lion Lane Hammersmith   (Motorcycle dated 11 May 16 shows living in Hammersmith).   Continued to serve with MGC.

38053 Gnr Henry W Kirk MGC Born in 15 Mar 80, Elder brother of Bertie   Married in 1899 to Ada Powell – two sons. Enlisted with brother Bertie at Coventry. (Motorcycle dated 11 May 16 living in Hammersmith) . Later served 25 Coy MGC  Inf  War Diary 26/8/17 - tried by FGCM (offence unknown). Also discharged 15 Mar 1919. Died 2 Dec 1951 in Harrow.younger brother of Bertie. Later served 25 Coy MGC Inf.  War Diary 26/8/1917 - tried by FGCM (offence unknown). In 1932 in Black Lion. In 1939 working at 313 King Str Hammersmith wife was still Emma. In 1939 to 1950s, living at 68 Lucas Lane, Raynors Ave in Harrow.   Died 7 Dec 1958 at Roxbourne Hospital, probate 

40416 Gnr Frederick Thomas Paul Laming born c 11 Nov 1891 at Mitchum Surrey.  A bricklayer's labourer, he married Jane Eliza Peddie at St Nicholas Parish Church Tooting on 2 May 1915. His service number indicates he first joined the Royal Garrison Artillery.  Deploying to France on 16 Aug 16 he later served as a corporal in B Coy 10 Bn Tank Corps. Sadly his wife died in 11 Dec 1919 but he continued to live at Undine St Tooting until 1938. Fred died (age 53) in early 1946 in South West Essex.  His medals sold on e-bay Jan 2007.  

2937 Gnr Alexander Lawson MMGS. Born 1893, Alex lived in Darvel where he worked for his mother in the newspaper trade. He joined the MMGS in Coventry amd was approved at Bisley on 21 Mar 1916, the passed to Hy Sect on 4 May; posted to C Coy on 27 May Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 and posted to C Bn on 18 Nov. Later 200596 Tank Corps; posted to Tank Rft Depot on 12 Apr 1918, then back to 3rd Bn on 19 Apr;  Returned to the UK on 14 Sep 1918 arriving at Bovington on 16 Sep. Later posted to 22 Bn on 10 Jan 1919; then to the Depot on 18 Mar 1919 – then to 20 Bn on 31 Mar 1919.  Deployed with the Tank Training Team to the Baltic States on 28 Jul 19, he was awarded MM for bravery in the field in 1920 and the Russian Cross of St George 4th Class.  Never promoted, he was demobilised on 10 Feb 1920. On 10 Feb 26, whilst working as a motor hirer,  he married Jennie Morton a 23 year old madras weaver. They were married after banns at the Cooperative Hall in Darvel, although this was directly opposite the local church 

40277 Gnr Cecil Laycock enlisted c 25 May 16 – Motor Cycle states from Halifax. Born spring 1898 in Halifax. In 1911 living at 20 Victoria Terrace Halifax; eldest son, one younger brother and sister, of a baker William Ainsworth Laycock, Mother was Miranda Gommersal. Enlisted in late May 16 – home town Haliax (Motor Cycle dated 25 May 16 – same weekend as Callaghan ).  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later Cpl 3rd  Tank Corps .Non conformist records of burial conforms Died (aged 48) on 9 Jun 1946 in Halifax; address was 154 Park Dene in Hopwood Lane in Halifax. Probate worth £4381  granted to widow  Mary Whitacker Laycock (Nee Holmes born Bedale in 1896 and died 1992. Married  in 1923, one daughter known – Dulcie May Laycock born 2 Feb 1928 and died  April 1987 – husband was Malcolm Lickess.    

32442 Gnr William Henry Lock born c Mar 1893 in Dawlish the son of John Edwin Lock. Living at Strand Mills, Dawlish Devon. He was attested at Exeter on 3 Dec 1915 aged 22 yrs 226 days and placed on the Army reserve. A miller by trade he was 5’ 9½” tall, 10 stones 5 lbs and a 35” chest. He was mobilised and approved at Bisley on 5 May 1916, being posted to the Armd Car Sect.  He joined C Coy HSMGC on 27 May 1916 and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. He continued to serve with C Bn on its formation and attended a driving course at Wailly from 10 to 17 Jun; the next day he was detached to HQ Depot for duty.   Later 200647 Tank Corps, he was returned to the Uk for special duties on 6 Nov 1917. He was attached to 14th Bn at Bovington from 8 Nov and then to 16th Bn on 13 Jan 18.  He was appointed A / LCpl unpaid on 22 Jan 18.  He later served as a tank driver and a Corporal (from 9 Sep 1918) – the date he redeployed to France. He was wounded on 29 Sep 1918 at Auchy, receiving injuries to the head and hands, he was evacuated to hospital in Le Havre, Reading. Operated on 7 Oct 1918. Later sent to the Dispersal Hospital at Devonport.  Medical Board at Devonport on 4 Feb confirmed no disability and medial status as A1.  Discharge address given as Brookdale, Barton Hill Dawlish – unmarried on discharge which was 5 Feb. There is an odd letter dated 20 Aug 1919 from John Lock seeking his son discharge.  (Lock appears on Ancestry family tree but no spouse or children shown).

2204 Gnr Harry Lodge MMGS Born Leeds 1894 the son of Frederick Lodge;  a book seller living at Wingate Lane Lancaster, enlisted aged 21 yrs and 251 days on 11 Aug 1915 at Coventry- height 5’ 1”. Trained at Bisley from 17th Aug, transferred to the MGC and HSMGC in accordance with normal dates. Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. Remained with C Bn on its formation and served with it for the duration as a 6lb; Lewis and Hotchkiss gunner. No record of hospital admissions and no claim for any disability pension.  Later 200527 and appointed A/Cpl Tank Corps. No entries on conduct sheets. Served with 3rd Bn and demobilised Mar 1919.  No record of marriage yet found but Widow gifted two poems “Lines on demobilisation” and “Tanks” to Tank Museum.

2629 Gnr John Loving MMGS b 1896  son of James Loving living in Belper House, Belper enlisted 17 Nov 1915 aged 19 yrs 180 days. A clerk, he was 5’ 9” tall, 115 lbs with a 31 inch chest.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, he continued to serve with C Bn on its formation.  he served with 3 Bde Signals in mid 1917. later 200558 he served with 9th Coy / C Coy C Bn and 3rd Bn as a gunner  until Apr 1918 when he was evacuated to 8 Stny hospital with rheumatic fever. Returned to the UK on HS Brighton and treated at the Heavy Woolen Hospital in Dewsbury until 4 May 1918 (full recovery).  Posted onto strength of RA and TC Depot at Catterick from 13 Mar to 20 Sep (address given as New Rd Belper). Posted to the Tank Depot on 19 Sep 1918 (granted 7 days sick leave). Then attached 411 Agr Coy Labour Corps (Derbyshire) on 9 Sep 1918. Blank regimental and Coy conduct sheet Transferred to Class Z reserve on 8 Mar at Clipstone and granted a 30% pension (18/3d) from 6 Apr 19. Medals issued 15 Sep 1922. Possibly died at Weymouth in Jan 1989 aged 92 yrs.

32087 Gnr Charles Thomas Malpress born May 89 Sydenham S London. Charles was a laundryman who enlisted at Wimbledon, aged 26 yrs 8 months, 7 Feb 1916;  on living at 460 Kingston Rd Raynes Park Surrey. Mobilised on 13 Mar, he trained at Bisley and then moved to New Farm Camp Elvetham. He was charged with absence on 4 And 5 Aug and was awarded 7 days No2 punishment and 2 days stoppages of pay. (This is the only entry on his conduct sheet). Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16, remained with C Bn on its formation.  Attended driving courses at Wailly between 19-25 May and then 11-19 Jun. Transferred to the Tank Corps, he was wounded (GSW to the head) on 10 Aug 1917; evacuated to 1 Cdn Gen Hospital at Etaples and eventually being posted to the Reinforcement Depot in early Oct 17. Posted back to C Bn on 8 Oct, he was again wounded on 20 Nov (GSW to hip / right thigh); evacuated to UK on 27 Nov on HS Woulda and treated at West Bridgeford Mil Hosp in Nottinghamshire and then at the Pavilion Aux Hosp from 29 Dec. His character sheet revealed that he had been employed as 1st driver, serving in No 5 Section of 8 Coy.  Although he was released from hospital on 9 Jan; he was admitted to Catterick Mil hospital suffering from tetanus (seriously ill) on 6 Feb; this coming from the wound on 20 Nov and some 6 weeks after healing. Discharged 23 Mar 18 and posted to Worget Camp on 20 Apr. Married to Alice Emma Poynton 17 Aug 18 at All Saint Church Hampton Middx then posted to 18 Bn at Bovington on 13 Sep 1918. He embarked for France on 2 Oct. On 18 Mar he was posted to 16 Bn and promoted A/Cpl on 27 Mar. He was returned to the UK on 5 Sep 1919 but did not make a claim for a disability. He was transferred to Z Reserve on 9 Oct 1919 , his home address was given as  1 Linden Rd, Hampton.  A son Edward H Malpress was registered at Kingston from Jan to Mar 1922; another son James was registered in Kingston in Jan to Mar 1930 and a third son Thomas, was registered in the NE Surrey District in Jan to Mar 1935. He later moved to Australia where he died in 1953. Note: Charles’ brother; Edward Henry Malpress of 36 Russell Rd was a chimney sweep. Later Gunner RFA 97291 – 197th Siege Bty KIA 2 Aug 1917 aged 24. 

40003 Gnr Albert Edward  Martin later Pte Tank Corps (same number) – later recorded on medal roll as 3rd Tank Corps – so probably remained with the unit for the duration of the war/

2238 Gnr D Martin deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Possibly 201763 Pte David Martin

2657 Gnr Darnley McCaig born 1892 in Galashiels, Selkirkshire, worked for his father in the Wool trade.Joining the MMGS in late 1915, he was fined 5 shillings for failing to produce his motorcycle licence, along with four other tank crewmen, at Bury St Edmunds on 21 Jul, whilst they were training at Elveden. He served with the tanks until the end of the war when he returned to Galashiels.  He married Jessie Rankin Sheldrick in Edinburgh in 1924 and had two children, John in 1925 and Helen in 1926.  Sadly Darnley died on 30 Jan 30 whilst he was attending wool sales in London.

2796 Gnr James MacDonald born Jun 1889 a coal merchant living at 592 Pollockshaws Rd, GlasgowAncestry family tree states parents were James McDonald and Jeannie Munn and he had an older brother and sister; also that he was born in 1898.   Almost 6 feet tall (5’ 11¼”)  his NOK was Stewart MacDonald (elder brother) of 335 Pollockshaws.  Enlisted in Glasgow in 16 Jan 1916 aged 26 ½ (born 1889?). Mobilized on 11 Feb 1916, he deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 with No 2 sec C Coy of MGC HB.  Granted short leave in the Uk he was admitted to No 3 Gen Hospital, Stobhill in Glasgow on 12 Dec and discharged on 23 Feb.  Later rebadged and renumbered 200584, he was transferred to 2nd Advanced Workshops on 6th Jan 1918. Married at St Peter’s Church, Shipley to Dorothy Marie Louise Rand on 24 Jan 1918; she was living at 10 Sleningford Rd, Nab Wood at Shipley.  He was posted to the Tank Depot on 13 May 1918. He again went sick again in Jun 1918 through Paralysis of 3rd Nerve in left eye?  Was evacuated to 2nd Gen Southern Hosp at Bristol, then King George Hospital in London, then admitted on 3rd Scottish General Hospital at Glasgow on 12th Jun 1918; granted leave from 23 Nov to 1st Dec 1918 – then posted back to the Tank Depot.   Was demobilized on 19 Jan 1919 at Clipstone and returned to Oak Wood at Nab Wood in Shipley (although his address is given as 157 Pollockshaws Rd Glasgow. He got a pension for his disability of 5/6 in May 1919 (medal held by Simon Payne Ancestry family tree shows James died on 8 Oct 1938 at Glasgow; Louise died in 1971 aged 76 also in Glasgow.  

2199 Gnr R Macintosh joined the MMGS in early 1915 and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. No other details known. 

40426 Gnr Herbert G Masters deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 later 313365 Pte RE (possibly a tank signalman) 

2261 Gnr John Finlay Meldrum was born  in Perth on 13 Aug 1899 and was the youngest of all the tank crewmen.  He deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, aged just 17, and after the wr, joined the Tank Corps as a regular soldier from 1919 to 1923. Returning to Perth, he worked as a bus driver.then as a clerical officer in the MOD.  He married Isabel Scott in 1926 and they had two children.  John was one of the few First Tan Crewmen who Attended 50 Anniversary dinner night at Caxton hall on 15 Sep 1966.  He died, aged 76, at the Bridge of Earn Hospital on 30 Oct 1975. 

 40004 Gnr John Philip Merry was born 1886 (in Monmouthshire) he was educated at St Cuthbert's Grammar School at Newcastle upon Tyne.  He married Ellen Elizabeth Wiseman at Salisbury in early 1916 and enlisted on 22 Mar 16 at Coventry. He deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 and later served as Cpl RE  possibly in the Tank Signals. Died aged 55 on 30 Nov 1941 aged, living at Ivy Mars, Musgrove Somerset.

 2626 Gnr John Monk  was born in 1889 and lived at of 99 North Rd Wingate in Co Durham. A coal miner, he joined the MMGS at Coventry in mid Mar and deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. He served with C Coy, the CBn then 3rd Bn for the rest of the war. He was admitted to Hospital on 9 Feb 1919 at Worget Camp, having been returned from service overseas. Treated at Worget Camp for deformed feet, he was discharged for sickness 5 Jun 1919 from Southern Command Discharge Centre Winter whilst on the strength of A Coy Tank Depot.  Awarded SWB (B232178). Service Record found 15 pages but not much detail)

2534 Gnr Hugh Montgomery born at Stevenston Ayrshire in 1898. An apprentice engineer enlisted aged 17 on 29 Oct 1915. Height 5’ 10”; weight 154 lbs; Living at 21 Nobel’s Villa, Stevenston in Ayrshire.  Posted to C Coy on 27 May 1915; deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later 200548 Tank Corps, he served with No 7 Sect of 8 Coy of C Bn, as a driver, until admitted on 2 Jan 1918 with Gun Shot Wounds to the right thigh to 1st Western Hospital at Fazakerly hospital in Liverpool; granted leave from 16 to 25 Mar 18 at Stevenston. he was transferred in late Mar to the Catterick Depot until 12 Jun 18; then to the Tank Corps Depot – graded A1 for fitness and did not claim a pension. Discharged through No 1 Dispersal Unit at Georgetown near Paisley.