The life stories of those who crewed the first tanks in September 1916

38034 Gnr John Haigh Newell, born Bradford 8 Feb 1893, the son of cabinet maker and shopkeeper Haigh and Betty Newell. Baptised on 19 Mar at Bankfoot Church whilst living at 75 Manchester Road in Bankfoot.  Enlisted Bradford and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16.  Later renumbered as 205475 Tank. Died of Wounds, aged 24 yrs, on 13 Nov 17 and buried on 16 Nov 1917 at St Matthews Churchyard, Bankfoot in Bradford. Parents living at 972 Manchester Rd, Bradford

32115 Gnr Walter Newington was Wadhurst Sussex in Oct 90, the third child (second son) son of Thomas (a grocer and newsagent) and Emily Newington. He was an unmarried sign writer when he was attested on 29 Feb 16 at Wadhurst.  He joined the MMGS at Coventry on 23 Mar 16He was transferred to the HS MGC on 4 May and posted to C Coy on 27 May.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 so therefore a male tank crewman . He continued to serve with C Bn on its formation (18 Nov 1916), attended 2nd Tank Bde 6 lb school for firing course from 26 May to 2 Jun 1917.  On 16 Jun 1917, he went absent without leave and was confined to barracks for 2 days. Renumbered as 200634 Tank Corps, he continued to serve with C Bn being granted UK leave from 20 Dec 17 to 3 Jan 18. and with the unit, as 3 Lt Bn operating Whippets for the during of the war.  He was promoted Cpl on 1 Oct 1918 and granted UK leave from 1 Jan to 25 Jan 1919, this being extended and he was demobilised with a blank regimental conduct sheet, on 5 Feb 1919.   In 1925 he was living in High St Wadhurst Sussex, having been married earlier in the year to Kate (Kit) Smith at Ticehurst.  He later established a newsagent in Wadhurst which is still operating under the family name.

DM2/151356 Pte William John Nightingale ASC enlisted 13 Dec 15 and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Discharged 19 Oct 17 due to sickness - Army Order 265 of 17; Silver War badge awarded

2655 Gnr John J Parsons was a postman from Bedworth near Nuneaton in Warwickshire.  Later moved to Foleshill near Coventry and joined MMGS in Nov 15. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 so therefore a male tank crewman. Continued to serve in C Bn then 3 Light Bn until the end end of the war. Possibly died at Bedworth in 1934.  .

 2682 Gnr Arnold Ross Peace was born in Heanor 94, the son of a miner Joseph and Elizabeth Peace (nee Bailey), 1901 family still living in Heanor; in 1911 he was living at 39. West End Avenue, Bentley Rd in Doncaster and working as a builder's clerk.  He enlisted into the MMGS and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; stayed with C Bn on its formation, later LCpl 200567 and almost certainly fought at the battle of Cambrai.  He married Gertrude Perks at Grantham in 8 Dec 17 and then served with 3rd Bn Tank Corps in whippets. DoW aged 25 on 8 Oct 18 and buried at St. Sever Cemetery Extension in Rouen.  

32085 Gnr Thomas John Phillips born c 1 April 1891 in Llanelli; his father was Benjamin Philips living at Felinfoel. Thomas was living at 111 Biddolph St Sheffield, he was a carpenter-joiner. Attested 22 Feb 1916 at Leicester aged 24 yrs 326 days; joined at Coventry. Only 5’ 4” tall he was approved at Bisley on 2 April; was absent on leave from Bermers Field Camp at Elveden on 11-12 Jun reported by LCpl Short. – forfeited 2 days leave and awarded 14 days CB.  Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 and joined C Bn on its formation – he remained with it through the war and was never promoted.  Undertook driver training at Wailly on 11 to 19 Jun 1917. Renumbered as 200630 Tank Corps. Granted UK leave in 18 to 28 Dec; returned to unit on 4 Jan 18.  Granted 2 Class proficiency on 19 Jan 1918; on 29 Oct he was admitted to 2 Stny Hosp at St Pol sur Ternoise, thence to No 25 Dental Centre at Abbeville the next day and returned to 3 (Light) Bn on 12 Nov. Served in A Coy before demobilization.   Granted UK leave 22 Dec  – demobilized on leave 9 Jan 1919. Address for Z21 sent to 5 Fron Terrace at Felinfoel. 

38055 Gnr Reginald Ernest Pinnock born 14 / 15  Jul 1895 at Hammersmith and registered at Fulham, the younger son (third child) of Wiltshire born bricklayer Henry Pinnock and Emilie Costello. Baptised on 29 Sep at St John the Evangelist at Hammersmith; living at 6 Burfield Street – mother shown as Emily  also in 1901 on the census .  On 14 Jan 1916, he enlisted whilst still living at 6 Burfield St Hammersmith. He was a chief ledger clerk and aged 20 yrs 7 months; height 5’ 3 ½”; weight 8 st 13 lbs and chest 31”. Mobilised on 1 May; transferred 4 May to HS MGC  and authorised by Graham Woods on 10 May. Posted to C Coy on 27 May; hospitalised at Bury St Edmunds from 11 to 18 Jul with ascardis (round worm in the gut?) and treated with saline solution. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Transferred to C Bn on 18 Nov 1916.   Later 200668 Pte Tank Corps, he was granted UK leave from 2 to 16 Dec 1917. Pinnock was posted to the Reinforcement Depot, as a batman to Capt Victor Smith who commanded Casa on 15 Sep 16. On 16 Jun 1918, he returned to A Coy of 3rd Lt Bn.  On 8 Jul he was detached to HQ Tank Corps; then as a Pte was posted to the Tank Reinforcement Depot on 25 Jul 1918.  Granted UK leave in late Sep 1918; he returned to the Depot on 5 Oct.  He was serving with Offrs Coy under Maj Victor Smith on 23 Jan 1919.  He returned to the UK for demobilisation at Wimbledon on 28 Jan 1919; released the following day.  In late 1922 he married Dorothy Churchill in Hammersmith In 1925 he was still living at 6 Burfield St Hammersmith. A daughter Doreen probably born in Hammersmith Jan  – Mar 1927 with another daughter Jane born in 1930 at Marylebone. Died (aged 67) in Paddington in Jan to Mar 1963

32069 Gnr Robert John Pritchard Born Manchester on 7 April 1883 – son of Robert Morris Pritchard and his wife Susanna – and christened at Nottingham on 3 Jul 1893.   Lived at 8 New Thorp St Nottingham. An accountants’ clerk, he attested on 24 Mar; he joined aged 23 yrs and 355 days on 28 Mar at Weybridge. Height 5’ 6”; aged 23 yrs and 11 months. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16  later 200628 Tank Corps he served with C Bn then 3 (Light) Bn until demobilized at Clipstone on 8 Feb 1919. two periods of UK leave. Never promoted with a clean contact sheet. Medals forwarded on 27 Jun 1921 and form returned from Nottingham – still at 8 New Thorp St.  Simon Payne holds his medal.

38015 Gnr Herbert Charles Pryce was born Leavesden Herts on 10 Jun 1897 and christened 30 Jul 1897 – eldest son of domestic gardener Charles and Agnes Mary Pryce. In 1901 living in Garston near Watford. Enlisted Watford; KIA 8 Aug 18, aged 21, during major assault in support of Canadians whilst serving with 3rd Bn. Buried at Le Quesnel Communal Cemetery Extension. 

40182 Pte Arthur Thomas Prout.  Born 1886 in Chile the son of Thomas Penrose Prout and Edith Gripe (1858 – 1932) In 1891 living with mother and two younger brothers at Prospect Ter in St Agnes.  In 1901 boarding in Plymouth; in 1911 he was living in the High St in Honiton where he was working as a bank clerk. Enlisted 12 Dec 15 and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Discharged 29 Oct 18, silver war badge awarded. In 1925 living at St Agnes Cornwall.  He returned to Honiton and became a bank manager and died at Oak Lodge Honiton on 11 May 1933; (possibly at Station Rd Feniton).

38246 Gnr Robert Sainsbury Read born at Evercreech (between Shepton Mallet and Bruton) on 15 Nov 1885,  christened same year. The son of grocer Charles Andrew Read and his wife Ellen; enlisted at Bristol  Joined for duty at Coventry on 13 Mar.  Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 so therefore was a member of a female tank crew. Undertook driver trg at Wailly 11 to 19 Jun. 1917.  Later 200675 Tank Corps. Served with 5 Section No 8 Coy in C Bn. Employed as a Gunner and Third Driver. Wounded (GSW Rt Shoulder) on 20 Nov – either in Crusty or Cumudgeon -  and returned to UK on 25th; admitted 3Western Gen Hosp at Cardiff, he was granted leave from 30 Jan to 8 Feb – classed as fit for duty.   Posted to Depot Bn on 18 Feb, he served with B Coy Reserve Unit in 1918. Later posted to 18 Bn on 22 Aug; remained a private soldier – blank conduct sheets. Returned to France on 2 Oct; at Le Treport on 27 Jan 1919.  Dispersed through Fovant. Possibly died in Salisbury in 1968.  

2620 Gnr Francis A Rennison Tank Corps – medals returned in 1919

40005 Gnr William Pallister Rennison – Born Oct to Dec 1895 Tynemouth; he was bought up at Seaton Delavel. He enlisted 22 Oct 1915 and was discharged from the Army on 25 May 1918 as a result of wounds.  He married Elsie Read in Tynemouth in 1930, they lived at East Farm House Backworth from 1940 to 1952. William died on 7 Mar 1952 and Elsie was granted probate of estate worth £2,822.    

2663 Gnr Clifford Charles Ridout born 9 Nov 98, he was the son of a builder from Kig's Norton in Birmingham.   Clifford was an engineer’s clerk living at 191 Monument Rd, Ladywood, when he enlisted into the MMGS at Coventry on 22 Nov 15, weight 9 stone 11 lbs; height 5’ 6” and chest 33½”. Joined the next day and authorised 2 Dec 1915, (transferred to MGC on 1 Dec); joined Armd Car Sect on 1 Apr 1916; HS on 4 May and C Coy on 27 May.   Deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 and transferred to C Bn on 18 Nov 1916. Attended driver trg camp at Wailly from 11 to 17 Jun and served as a driver.  Pte 200561 Tank Corps, wounded on 20 Nov 1917 (gun shot wounds to the face). Awarded MM – the citation stated “On Nov 20, 1917, during the attack on the Gonnelieu Ridge, this man displayed the greatest gallantry.  Although severely wounded, he insisted on driving to the final objective, which he reached before collapsing from a loss of blood”.   Admitted to 8 then 5 Gen hospital; eventually released 3 Dec to Tank Corps depot; then to St Pol on 6 Dec 1917. Joined Reinforcement Depot on 9 Dec; posted to J Bn on 28 Dec and joined 29 Dec.  Granted UK leave from 15 to 29 Jan and rejoined on 30 Jan, having been appointed a first class tank mechanic on 23 Jan.  On 15 Sep, he was admitted to hospital with influenza and was released back to 10 Bn on 26 Sep, having undergone 5 days training at the Training and Reinforcement (T&R) Bn. On 4 Oct, sent on a one month course at the T&R and returned to 10 Bn on 8 Nov. Served with B Coy.  Promoted Cpl on 25 Dec 1918; appointed Tank Mechanic First Class the same day.  On 30 Dec he was offered reemployment as a technical engineer – gas, heating and ventilating (pivotal) by James Scott and Co; 32 Paradise St; Birmingham.  Granted UK leave from 8 Jan 1919, he immediately sought his release and was discharged by post. On 13 Mar 19, he decided to have his MM sent by post and not presented – the medal had to be re-struck as the number was incorrectly ascribed. Later married Nellie Lovell in South Birmingham in early 26; their son Bert WL Ridout born Jul to Sep 1927 and registered in Southam Warks – no other children found.  Died in 1968 / 1969 and registered in Birmingham – Jan – Mar 1969.

2646 Gnr Roberts deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; in 1925 living at 18 Ecclestone Rd, West Ealing.

2623 Gnr John Edward Bottle Robson born 24 Oct 1895 in Dover; the son of John James Robson; enlisted at Coventry on 17 Nov 1915 aged 20 yrs and 24 days; height 5’ 8”; 32 inch chest with an expansion of 4½”. A surveyor’s pupil and motor cyclist. Living at Crabble Hill House of River near Dover. Authorised at Bisley on 3 Dec 1915.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. He remained with C Bn on its formation and served with 8 Coy under Hiscocks. Found guilty of being dirty on inspection on 23 Jan 1917; awarded 3 days CB. Undertook driver training at Wailly from 11 to 17 Jun 1917. Wounded in action on 22 Jul 1917; this must have been during the preparatory work before the start of the battle fo 3rd Ypres and was probably caused by artillery fire. Later renumbered as 200556 in the Tank Corps. Appointed First Class Tank Mechanic 6 Aug 1917.  Granted UK leave from 4 to 18 Dec 1917.  Later served with B Coy of 3 (Light) Bn; admitted to 24? Gen Hosp at Etaples on 12 Jun 1918 and released to duty with C Bn on 18 Jun.  Promoted Cpl, vice Cpl Edwards, on 29 Sep. Granted UK leave from 23 Nov to 7 Dec; returned to his unit on 8 Dec.  Returned to UK from France on 4 Feb.  Dispersed from No 1 Dispersal Unit at Wimbledon on 6 Feb 1919. Probably married Miss Bryon in early 1924 at Kingston upon Thames. In 1925 living at 19 Berkeley Rd, Newbury. In 1926 to 1928 living at Snelsmore House Farm and fr 1943 to 1961 living at Bushy Ruff Winchester Road Burghclere;   Possibly living in 1964 to 1967 at 80 Woodfield Drive, Gidea Park near Romford; then 325 Main Road at Gidea Park; Died 1979 and registered in Braintree, Essex (Jan to Mar 1979)

32024 Gnr George Joseph Rogers born c1888 at Westbury on Trim Gloucs.   Married to Elsie Gingell on 26 Dec 14 at St Paul’s Parish Church Bedminster. On 1 Dec 1915 enlisted aged 27 yrs and 11 months in 1915 at Bristol.  A commercial clerk living at 10 North St. Height 5’ 10¾”  and chest 32 ½” (but 3½” expansion) .Examined at  Coventry on 21 Mar; weight 10st 1lb; mobilized on 22 Mar and authorised at Bisley on 29 Mar 1916.  Promoted paid ALCpl on 23 May.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; posted to C Bn and its formation and promoted ACpl. Remained with it until demobilised,  Later 200624 Promoted Cpl on 18 Jan; later Sergeant on 31 Dec 1918; admitted to 12 Stny Hop at St Pol with neuralthesia; released 8 Jan and returned to unit though the T&R Depot. Demoblised Mar 1919 from Chiseldon. No children found.

1849 Gnr Arthur Max Rose born 1895; enlisted MMGS c2 Jun 1915 aged c20. Later 200513 Pte Tank Corps. Served with 3 (Light) Bn until the end (theatre of war shown as France) – 1st class tank machinist. On 26 Feb 1919, he was transferred to the Reserve from the Depot at Clipstone: 20% disabled from broken wrist and fingers in right hand – awarded weekly pension of 5/6 for one year. In 1925 still living in 46 Clay Pit Lane, Ledsham near Leeds. Served 3 year 249 days and none as a reserve.

2713 Gnr Ernest W Sandwich MMGS deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. he was awarded SWB.  Possibly born Lambeth in Sep 1886; eldest son (2nd child) of stockbrokers clerk William J Sandwich and his wife Julia.  In 1901 living in 7 Holmewood Road in Streatham. He was married shortly before he deployed to France to Winifred Morehead in Newcastle Upon Tyne (daughter Betty W Sandwich born in Newcastle Apr to Jun 1917 married in 1937 to a man called Baker at Croydon.) Post WW2 shown as FBAA (Fellow of British Association of Accountants and Auditors) and living in 406 Chertsey Rd Twickenham from 1946 to 1957.  Died Jun 1957 in Middx South  (no ancestry tree yet)

40417 Gnr Percy Tysoe Sargeant  was born 12 Jul 1888 at Turvey in Bedfordshire; the fifth child (third son) son of Harvey (an agricultural labourer) and Mary A Sargeant. A gardener by trade, he was married 7 Nov 1909 in Wellingborough to Lottie Tye Bailey Matthews. Children Amy Ethel born 30 Jan 10; Ronald Matthew 7 Nov 11 (born Northampton) and Harry 30 Dec 1912 (also born Northampton). Enlisted 3 Nov 15 at Northampton; CofE, 5ft 6” 122 lbs and with a chest of 34“expanded. Age on enlistment 27 yrs 6 months; medical records show he required dental treatment. Address 1 Great Billings Northampton. Posted to No 4 Depot RGA and allocated no 40417. He deployed to France with C Coy on 16 Aug 16. On 24 Jan 17 he was posted to Base Depot for Dental Treatment (note arrived on 16 Feb 17 then returned to C Bn by 19 Feb 17). Attended 2 Tk Bde 6lb School 19 to 26 May then detached to the School as a batman to 2 Jun 17.  Returned to C Bn; attended driving course at Wailly Camp 11 to 19 Jun 17.  He was granted UK leave from 5 to 19 Dec 17 rejoining his unit on 22 Dec 17. Daughter Marguerite Annie born 15 Sep 18.  He was wounded on 29 Sep 18, from mustard gas whilst in action receiving injury to left and right buttocks. Admitted to No 3 Stat Hosp (Rouen) on 2 Oct then evacuated on HS Guildford on 4 Oct. Possibly admitted to Reading War Hosp then posted to Tank Corps Depot at Wareham on 21 Oct. He was transferred to Reserve 19 Feb 19.  Due to pain in right thigh, he made post-service claim for pension; 1% disablement agreed and final payment of £25 plus £7/10/- made in respect of three yrs service 13 Mar ‘20.  Living in Great Billing Northampton in 1925; Died in Northampton on 31 Aug 1976.

40186 Gnr Harry G Saunders deployed to France on 24 Aug 16; later 310653 RE (possibly Tank Signalman).

2702 Gnr Hubert Savage MMGS born 4 Jun 1889. son of George Savage. Living in 30 Anchor St Hunslet employed as a joiner. Enlisted 24 Nov 1915, aged 26 yrs 142 days, height 5’ 7”. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Remained with C Bn on its formation and served with No 8 Coy. Renumbered as 200571 Tank Corps. On 6 Oct admitted to 20 CCS with myalgia (muscle pain in back and knees). Admitted to 5 Gen Hosp at Rouen on 7 Oct; evacuated to the UK first to the Military Hospital at Eastleigh, and then onto 2nd Western Gen Hosp in Manchester.  Posted to Receiving Depot 27 Oct 1917 for hospital admission.  Later also received dental treatment.  Released on 8 Mar, granted 10 days leave and posted to Tank Corps depot. Posted back to France on 7 Aug 1918 and rejoined C Bn on 24 Aug. Clean conduct sheet but never promoted, he remained with 3 (Light) Bn until demobilised through Clipstone on 17 Feb 19.  In 1925 living at 30 Anchor Terrace, Hunslet near Leeds. (Service record found but no marriage details)  Possibly died (aged 70) in Summer 1959 in Claro, West Yorkshire.

2704 Gnr Albert George Selby probably born 26 Jul 94 in Battersea . Eldest son of Builder foreman George Selby and wife Elizabeth; one younger brother and two younger sisters.  In 1911 living at 26 Rosslyn Rd, Barking Employed as a carpenter’s assistant.  Died aged 78 in 1973 at Newham. 

2716 Gnr Maurice Hubert Shelton born Headington east of Oxford 19 Dec 1887; the elder (and only surviving) son of Henry and Annie Shelton, in 1891 father shown as a bookbinder; the family were living at 25 Worcester Ter Oxford; in 1901 and 1911 family living at 25 Richmond Rd Oxford.  An upholsterer, Maurice joined the MGC(M) on 17 Feb and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 with a male tank crew, Later served with No 7 Coy of C Bn, he was evacuated to the UK in Mar 17 suffering from trench fever   Commissioned 30 April 1918 Tank Corps, he returned to France 11 Sep 18 and served with A Coy of 9 Bn, ;He became a salesman and married (aged 31) Ethel Ship at St Mary’s Church Kilburn on 21 Jul 1919.  Son John Shelton born Oxford in early 21, the family lived in Oxford until the early 1960s when they moved to Brighton, Died from 1941 to 1954. Died in Brighton on 24 Feb 1963 aged 75.

2865 Gnr Charles William (Willie) Shire.  Born 1 Sep 1894 and registered at Taunton. Third child and eldest son of Charles William Shire, a postman, and his wife Elizabeth.  In 1901 the family lived at 4 Gladstone St, North Taunton. Enlisted 9 Dec 15 at Taunton. Home address 17 Jubilee St; Rowbarton near Taunton Clerk, aged 20 yrs 11 months. Almost 5 ft 9 in 146 lbs. Next of Kin father.  Authorised 15 Dec 15 at the MMGS Trg Centre Bisley, transferred to MGC on 1 Dec 15 then to HS 4 May 16 then to C Coy on 27 May 16. Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; posted to C Bn on 18 Nov 16. Returned from France 18 Mar 17. Admitted to Military Hosp Woking 28 Mar 17; discharged 18 Apr 17. Rebadged 205754 Tank Corps. Admitted to Abram Peel War Hosp Bradford 3 Sep 17 with Neurasthenia. Discharged 24 Nov 17 as much improved and fit to return to civilian occupation.  Discharged on 13 Dec 17 as no longer physically fit to war service due to sickness and awarded SWB 203508 (KR Para 392 XVI). Married Gladys Kathleen Penny at Langport, Somerset, between Oct to Dec 21; probably a daughter Kathleen E N Shire born Taunton Oct to Dec 1924.  Possibly living at 17 Jubilee St Taunton in 1925. Died in Jan – March 74 aged 79 years and registered in Exeter,  One ancestry record but no details. Comment left 16 Oct 2011.

40188 Gnr George A Smith deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 later Pte Tank Corps. In 1925 living at 28 Hollingbourne Gdns, W Ealing.

40280 Gnr Willie Smith deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; later Pte Tank Corps.

2278 Gnr Ernest Ramsden Spink born Jan 1897 at Holbeck Yorkshire; the eldest son of joiner Willy Spink and Florrie. Baptised on 18 March at St Cuthbert’s Church, Hunslet Moor; living at 28 New Princess St Holbeck in Leeds  enlisted Coventry on 18 Aug 15; address was now 33 New Princess St Holbeck in Leeds. Aged 19 yrs and 180 days; a cinema operator he was authorized on 24 Aug 1915. Height 5’ 1”.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. joined C Bn on its formation.  Returned to the UK on 5 Nov 1917.  Qualified as a driver, and promoted a/Lcpl, he was charged with being late back from leave at Bovington on 11 Jun and was reprimanded. Promoted aLCpl on 2 Sep with 16 Bn then returned to France on 8 Sep 1918 serving with A Coy, Later promoted Cpl on 27 Oct; then a/Sgt on 24 Dec.  Returned to UK 28 Feb and was discharged from Clipstone on 3 Mar; transferred to Z Reserve on 31 Mar 1919; address being given as 33 New Princes St. In Summer 1923 he married Annie Upton at Holbeck; possibly a son Kenneth born Holbeck summer 1925. Possibly died in Leeds Summer 1935.

40106 Gnr Fenwick William Styan was born on 22 Feb 1888 Clifton near York; son of gardener Fred Styan and Fanny Austin. The family later moved to Beverley. Before he Joined the Machine Gun Corps on 24 May 1916, Fenwick was employed by Maj Clive Wilson DSO who lived at St Mary's House in Hengate. He deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, he was promoted to LCpl in the Tank Corps, serving with 3rd Bn until his was discharged in May 1919.  He marrried Doris Shipley in the summer of 1918 and they had two children Margaret and Clifford. After the war, Fenwick returned to work with the Wilson family - his employer Major Clive Wilson DSO died in 1921 and left Fenwick a bequest which enable Fenwick to establish a successful taxi firm in Beverley - his fleet included three Rolls Royce cars.  Fenwick served in the local Home Guard during the Second World War. He sold the taxi business in 1952 and the family moved to Scarborough and then to Bournemouth. Doris died in 1967 and Fenwick moved to York where he died on 15 Apr 71. Pictures of Fenwick and his MGC jacket are in the photo gallery

32480 Gnr JW Sutherland of Hoxton deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. In 1925 was living at 4 Bathurst Gdns, Kensall Rise, London (Ancestry record found is for RAMC)

2300 Gnr Neville Tattersfield deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later commissioned and died of influenza, at Worget Camp Hosp 18.  See Tattersfield researched Neville’s story in the course of writing his book 'A Village Goes To War' which also provides information on Fred Gomersall (D1) and Ewart Doodson (D17). He commanded tank 9004 in B Bn during the C Coy assault on first day of battle of Amiens.

M2/074533 Pte John Alfred Tetlow. Born Kirkdale in West Derby Liverpool Oct to Dec 83, the son of Alfred Tetlow and Elizabeth.  Married Agnes Hinton on 25 Sep 1905 in West Derby; six children born Alfred 24 Apr 06; Evelyn 15 Jun 07; Mary 23 Jan 1909; Winifred 23 Mar 1911; Alexander 7 Jan 1913; Phillis 14 Jun 14. Home address was 37 Hampden St, Walton Liverpool.  A self employed taxi driver who enlisted into ASC (MT) on 10 April 15 aged 35 yrs. Height 5 ft 8; chest 37½   (expanded); weight 10 stone 6 lbs.  Posted to Grove Park MT Depot London on 11 Apr 15. Subsequently saw service in Ireland May 15 to May 16.  Deployed to France 16 Aug 16 with 711 MT Coy. Suffered from hernia on 15 Sep 16, at Inguinal; casevaced to the Castle Hosp Dublin, arriving on 7 Oct 16; operation for a hernia and remained in Dublin until 22 Oct 16; then transferred to Princess Patricia Hosp in Bray, being discharged to furlough 17 Nov 16. Note Seventh child John born 21 Jun 17.  On 23 Jan 17, whilst on held strength of 621 Coy ASC vaccinated whilst on strength of No 4 Coy MT sub depot at Larkhill. On 23 Apr 17, moved to Egypt and served with 904 Coy ASC in Egypt until 30 Jul 17. He then served with Expeditionary Force to Mesopotamia Oct 17 to Oct 18; in Persia from Nov 18 to Feb 19 and then Salonika from Mar to May 19. Examined at Salonika, whilst on the strength of 61 Heavy Bde RGA, 5 May 19 aged 35 yrs then posted to Woolwich Dockyard ASC from where he was transferred to Z Reserve 25 Jun 19.  Claim for pension based in injury to left shoulder through “falling against a gun in Sep 16” - rejected. Died, aged 70, on 29 Mar 1954 in Bootle. (several family trees on ancestry but surname of mother varies),    

40189 Gnr John Thomas deployed to France on 24 Aug 16. Commissioned Tank Corps On demobilisation living at 4 Albany Rd Coventry.  Possibly living in 1925 in Earlson St Coventry.

32191 Gnr H Thornhill deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Not 201439 Pte George H Thornhill Tank Corps

2678 Gnr Henry James (Harry) Tiffin was the eldest son of John and Anna Elizabeth Tiffin. Born late 91 / 92 Kirkoswald. Cumberland (Registered at Penrith Jan to Mar 1892).  Baptised at Kirkoswald on 14 Feb 1892. In 1901 Harry had three younger siblings. his father was by the a bank agent and draper.  Enlisted into the MMGS at Coventry and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Continued to serve with C Bn and allocated new number 200565 in the Tank Corps.  KIA aged 25 yrs by German artillery in tank Comet II (C59) during assault on Le Quesent Farm on 20 Nov 17. Eldest child and son of John and Anna E Tiffin, of Ravenbank, Kirkoswald, Cumberland. Grave unknown; commemorated on Cambrai memorial Louveral; pictured in “Following the Tanks”  . Harry had a younger brother who also served with the Tanks; 40227 Pte Maurice John Tiffin –baptized Mar 1897 – attested 22 Feb 1916 - initially served with E Coy HSMGC and deployed to Egypt in Dec 1916. He fought at the second battle of Gaza, where atnks were used to good effect against Turkish defensive positions. He was renumbered as 302114 in the Tank Corps and later served with 19 Bn at Worgret Camp near Wareham – eventually released in 1920 ).

2705 Gnr A Till deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Possibly 200572 Pte Arthur Till later 333048 Pte RAF.   Still living in 1925.

38071 Gnr Victor Toombs born c 5 April 1897 in Mildenhall Suffolk, eldest son of Charles and Florence Toombs – in 1901 living in the Market Place, father was a cycle maker and hairdresser. A motor driver, he enlisted on 10 Nov 1915; his address was given as Northern Terrace in Mildenhall.  Aged 18 yrs and 10 months, he was 5’ 6 1/2” tall and he had a 32 in chest.  His mother was widowed by this time; his brother Percy is shown as NOK.  He was mobilized on 1 May and authorized at Bisley on 6 May 1916; posted to C Coy on 27 May.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, he served with C Bn from 8 Nov 16.  Later 200669 Tank Corps, he was posted to the Tank Reinforcement Depot on 12 Sep 1917.  He served with F Bn  - probably in A Coy,  He was admitted to hospital for dental treatment and was released to duty on 3 Jan 1918.  After UK leave. he returned to 3rd Bn on 2nd Feb 1918. He was wounded on 21 Aug 1918 at Achiet le Grand, receiving a shrapnel wound to the left arm. He was captured and imprisoned at Giessen. He was repatriated on 4 Dec and after three days at posted to the Tank Depot. Later posted to 19th Bn, and served with B Coy, he was transferred to the Z Reserve on 20 Sep 1919. In 1925 and 1936, he was still living in Terrace Rd, Mildenhall, Suffolk. In Oct to Dec 1926 married to Ruperta Rachel Adderson (born 29 Oct 1900) at Erpingham Norfolk; three children – Dennis V dated Apr to Jun 1927; Leslie dated Apr to Jun 1928 and Shirley b Jan to Mar 1930 – all registered at Mildenhall. Toombs Garage existed in Mildenhall in WW2.  Died and registered in 1963 at Newmarket (Oct to Dec 63).  Ruperta died in Apr to Jun 1978 and was registered at Weston Super Mare.

32329 Gnr William A Tyrer and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. shown as Pte MGC on MIC.

38223 Gnr Maurice Carter Voile Born in 11 Jan 1893 in Cheltenham; younger son of coal merchant George Voile and Ellen Carter who married 20 Sep 83 at St John’s Church in Hackney. Maurice was educated at Cheltenham Grammar School, on the death of his father he moved to Canada for a short while before returning to the UK on 11 Jan 14. Married his childhood sweetheart Winifred Olive (2 Sep 1914) in Cheltenham and honeymooned in the Lake District, travelling there in Maurice's motorbike and sidecar.  Bought Ivy House Farm, a poultry farm in Kent when he was just 21.  Their daughter Joan was born on 3 Jul 15 at Southborough.  Prior to enlisting, Maurice sold the farm in Mar 16 and moved his wife and daughter back to Cheltenham.  His number is one of the series issued to the MGC© and he is pictured wearing leather gaiters when visiting home in 1916.  He deployed to France on 16 Aug 16, therefore was a male tank crewman, and joined C Bn, on its formation. He served with No 8 Coy in a section commanded by Lt H Benbow Elliot.   He was the driver of a tank, commanded by Lt J C Cameron and whose crew included Cpl CE Spurgeon and Gnr Jimmy Newell.  They fought their way though the Harp feature; the tank being hit from the front by direct fire as it reached an enemy strongpoint.  David Fletcher in Tank and Trenches states: “2nd Lt Cameron (C39) found a gap in the attack where the infantry had lost touch. He engaged the enemy with Lewis gun fire until the infantry had time to come up and consolidate. During this time he routed an enemy machine gun crew and captured their gun. A little later the tank received a direct hit, killing one and wounding three of the crew. After attending to the wounded, Lt Cameron handed five of his Lewis guns and ammunition to the infantry. The man killed was Maurice Carter Voile and his comrades buried him near where he fell   KIA, aged 24 yrs on 9 April 17.  Later buried at Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines. Commemorated at Cheltenham Grammar school; his father’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery and on the Cheltenham Borough war Memorial. Death notice in the London Times gives no other details. Short manuscript on his life by his grandson in the Tank Museum archives; family info provided by his great grandson Oliver Davey.  

2282 Gnr JW Walker and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Later served with the Tank Corps and 317864 Gnr RAF 

32479 Gnr Eddie Walton.  Born on 9 Dec 1894 at Oldham, son of Edwin and Alice Walton the family moved to Stockport by 1901. In 1915 their address was The Bushes, Coudray Rd at Stockport. An apprentice draughtsman for 2 ½ yrs working for George Bullock of Cromwell Buildings, Blackfriars St, Manchester.   Attested on 29 Nov 1915, aged 20 yrs 11 months. Married Margaret Swarbrick on 19 Dec 1915 at Tarleton, a village to the north of Stockport – no children found. Height 5’ 5½” with Brown eyes.  Mobilised on 21 April 16; Authorised by AG Woods at Bisley in May 1916. posted to C Coy on 21 May then posted overseas on 16 Aug; Transferred to C Bn on 18 Nov, sometime employed as Technical Storeman.  He was first admitted to hospital in Dec 1916, suffering from hypertension. Evacuated through Netley Hospital by Jun 1917.  Later 205529 Pte Eddie Walton TC. Posted to K Bn in Oct but was due to be discharged or transferred to the W Reserve.  Discharged approved 19 Oct 1917 as unfit for service overseas. Transferred to 24 (Depot) Bn. Granted leave on being returned to the UK from 6 to 15 Dec 1917. On 3 Jan 1918 was considered sufficiently fit to be returned to civilian occupation. In April 1939 he returned to the Uk from San Antonia in Chile on SS Orbita, his occupation being shown as an engineer and still living at (no 3) Coudray Rd Stockport. Died 15 Sep 1939 at 48 Queens’ Rd Stockport.  Probate was granted to his son EDWIN Walton a retired golf club secretary and to a solicitor – the estate was worth £9949/16/10

32186 Gnr James Walton born Feb 1897 in Blackburn Lancs, the son of shopkeeper Jacob and Amelia Walton. Living at 61 Livesey Branch Rd; Blackburn, a master grocer enlisted aged 18 days 10 months in 11 Dec 1915. Height 5’ 3”; chest 33”.  Mobilised 22 Mar 1916; Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 and remained with C Bn on its formation. Later 200639 Pte Tank Corps – posted back to Reserve Depot on 24 Nov as a result of wounds at Fontaine Notre Dame near Cambrai the previous day.  Remained in England for the remainder of the war. Transferred to Z Reserve on 25 Feb 1919. Immediate pension resulting

32482 Gnr Reginald Whalley. Probably born Jul 1897 at Walkden, the son of Joseph and Emily Whalley – registered in Barton on Irwell. In 1901 living in Worsley. A pawnbroker’s manager, he was enlisted at Atherton in 5 Feb 1916. examined on 27 April aged 18 yrs 10 months; height 5’ 8½”.   Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. later 200649 Pte Tank Corps.  He continued to served with C Bn then B Coy of 3 Lt Bn – in Uk for leave Feb 1919, reported sick at Townley’s Aux Mil Hosp near Bolton with bronchitis until 18 Mar 1919. Returned Germany’ dispersed from Preees Heath on Sep 1919; address was 182 Bolton Rd Walkden Manchester Possibly married to Hilda Rigby in Jan to Ma 1925 at Bolton. In 1925 living in 171 Bolton Rd, Walkden Manchester.

38197 Gnr Alfred Edward Williams born Great Sutton, Chester, enlisted Manchester, resided Rusholme.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16.  Later 25 Coy MGC in the MGC(I),  KIA on 16 Aug 17 in Belgium - commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial. 

32152 Gnr WG Weatherill,  deployed to France on 24 Aug 16 possibly 97355 Walter Weatherill or 205260 William Weatherill Tank Corps

2686 Gnr A Wood and deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. probably 200018 Pte A Wood Tank Corps enlisted 8 May 1915; discharged on 7 Mar 19 and awarded SWB due to sickness.

2716 Gnr WH Wood deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. Probably William H Wood enlisted 22 Nov 1915; later 205759 Pte in the Tank Corps, he was discharged on 26 Aug 1918 with SWB due to his wounds.  He was wounded on 22 Jul 1917 whilst serving with 8 Company during the attacks near Gallipoli. Mentioned on page 35 of 3 Bn history.

2240 Gnr James Woodcock deployed to France on 16 Aug 16; later Gnr RHA then 310642 Royal Engineers (probably a signalman)

32169 Gnr Roderick Donald Woods was born on 2 Feb 1892, and registered at Ipswich.  He was the eldest son (four younger siblings) of boot and shoemaker Donald Gibson Woods and Edith Agnes Woods (nee Pierpoint B 1890 died 1973). In 1901 living in 70 Stanhope Rd St Chads Derby, in 1911 he was working as a boor repairer and living at 99 King Alfred St, Derby.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16.  Served on with C Bn and renumbered as 200640 Tank Corps. Wounded on 29 Sep 18 whilst serving with 3 Bn on Whippets. Later awarded SWB and discharged. Married Mary Katherine O’Neill in Derby Apr – Jun 1919. Possibly a daughter Dorothy M Woods born in Derby in Spring 1920 (and died aged 41 years).   In 1925 living in 80 Portland St Derby.  Son Roderick Pierpoint Woods born 1931

40418 Gnr George Albert Wootley born Sep 88 at Welling Kent (registered at Woolwich), the son of general labourer Henry and Emily Wootley. In 1891 living at 27 Francis St Plumstead,  Resided  at 15 Cunningham Rd Tottenham; a printer’s machine minder enlisted aged 27 yrs 2 months into the RGA as 67915 at on 16 Nov 1915 and authorized the next day at Dover.  Height 5’ 9½”. NOK was his mother.  Posted to 43 Bty and then  45 Bty RFA at Plymouth on 18 Feb.  Posted to U Bty Motor Bty on 19 Mar then to C Coy on 24 May.   Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16 and joined C Bn on its formation.  Posted to the MGC Base Depot on 21 Jan and hospitalized from 9 to 20 Feb at Dannes / Camiers. then to but continued to serve with MGC. Posted from HSMGC to MGC (I) on 22 Jun 1917. Posted on 7 Jul to 149 Coy. KIA aged 30 on 15 Aug 17 whilst serving with 149 Coy MGC (Infantry). Buried at Heninel Communal Cemetery Extension, 10 miles SE of Arras. Son of Mrs Emily Nunn? of 14 Spondon Rd, Broad Lane, Tottenham, London who received his medals in 1922. (149 Inf Bde part of 50th (Northumbrian) Div, a TF formation.

32301 Gnr Lionel Horace Worrall Born Oct to Dec ‘94 in Finsbury Park, N London, registered Edmonton. Baptised at St Paul’s Haringay on 6 Nov 1894; the son of a merchant Thomas Edward and Mary Jane Worrall (nee Palethorpe), in 1901 the family (his mother being widowed) were living in South Weald, near Billericay Essex.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16. later served as a private in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. In Dec 1924, aged 30 and recorded as an engineer with an address at the Gatehouse, St ThomasOxford, returned from Bombay to Plymouth on SS Moldava. On 12 Apr 1946, returned to UK from Bombay on SS Britannic, shown as an engineer and address is C/O Mrs Duchesne of 46 Porchester Square London W2 (Bayswater?); on neither occasion accompanied. Died Hampstead aged 60 in 1956, registered in Jul to Sep of that year.  

38013 Gnr Joseph Edward Wressell born c 1 July 1894 in Broughton Lincs, the second son (third child) of John William and Hannah Elizabeth (Anna) Wressell and living in 1901 at Scawby.  Enlisted, aged 22 yrs 162 days on 9 Dec 1915 whilst working as a farmer at Moor Farm at Scawby near Brigg. Height 5’ 6”.  Joined for duty on 20 April; approved at Lincoln by Capt Graham Woods on 4 May.  Deployed to France on 16 Aug 16.  Transferred to C Bn on its formation and posted to C Coy. Detached to the 2 Bde Signal School from 24 to 29 May 1917.  Rebadged and renumbered 200664 Tank Corps.  On 5 Oct 1917 he was found guilty of speeding and fined 5 days pay. Granted UK leave from 20 Dec to 3 Jan 1918. Returned to serve with 3 Lt Bn.  Again granted leave in the Uk from 24 Dec to 7 Jan – then demobilized on leave on 8 Jan. Transferred to the Z Reserve on 11 Feb 19.  Married in summer 19 to Lucy Spilman (who was seven years his senior)  in Caister; daughter Rosemary E Wressell born Apr – Jun 19 1922 who died the same quarter (registered at Caister).  In 1925 living at Moor Farm, Scawby Brigg Lincs. From 1948 to 1952, living at The Cottage at Claxby.  Died, aged 59, and registered at Caister in April 1953; his wife died the following year in Louth.