The life stories of those who crewed the first tanks in September 1916

The adjutant of D Coy, Capt Graham Woods, recorded the names of five tank crews time; the ASC drivers being provided from D Coy

Crew 13 - 2Lt Charles Simpson Butcher
2939 Sgt Frederick Proctor
32243 Cpl Alfred George Simmons
32206 Gnr James Swift
32402 Gnr George Leonard Marshall 
2808 Gnr Herbert Crozier
32410 Gnr William Robert Cox 
M2/077826 Pte Pte Thomas Hinds

Crew 14 - Lt Frank Philips Goochman Telfer
32394 Sgt Adolph Ernest Dirks
32455 Gnr John Davidson Hays
32372 Gnr Herbert George Irons
32195 Gnr George Grewcock
32408 Gnr Wilfred John Werrett
32411 Gnr Harry Augustus Cartwright
M2/188383 Pte Albert Sidney Wateridge

Crew 15 - Lt Chaloner Theodore Robinson
32430 LCpl Cyril Edward Barnard
32114 Gnr Fred Raven
32136 Gnr Frederick Jeremiah Bradford
32199 Gnr Geoffrey Chaloner Woolmer
32376 Gnr Frank Harper
40423 Gnr Charles Frank Emery
M2/191857 Pte Sidney George Barnes  

Crew 16 - Lt Hugh Miller Swears
2931 Cpl Francis Allen Kirby
32319 Gnr Charles Edward Townsend
32571 Gnr John Robertson Forbes
32358 Gnr Charles Montague John Hewer
2933 Gnr Ronald Robert Yallop
32129 Gnr James Martin
M2/192018 Pte Osmond "Jack" Rossiter

Crew 17 - 2Lt Cyril Percival Renouf
32262 Cpl George Christopher Fisher
32345 LCpl Montague William Russell
32346 Gnr Frank Barton Howard
32393 Gnr Arthur Loades
32369 Gnr Thomas Grundy
32173 Gnr Herbert Milne
M2/149737 Pte C Westcombe